At what age can a child tube?
We prefer that children be at least four (4) years old.

Can more than one person ride in a tube?
We allow only one person per tube. You may hold and "link" as many as 3 tubes together. This way parents can hold onto their child's tube.

Do I need to sign anything?
We do require that everyone sign a TUBING WAIVER FORM.  A parent/guardian signature is required for anyone under the age of 18.  A copy of the waiver form is avaiable for download on our website.

Can I bring my own sled or tube?
We do not allow personal sleds or tubes to be used on the tubing runs.  The tube rental is included in your cost.

Can I tube longer than 2 hours?
You can add an additional hour for $5.00 at the time of purchase.

Can I tube less than 2 hours?
The cost will be $12.00 for all ages for 1 hour.

How do I get back up the hill?
Our cable system will effortlessly pull you back up the hill while you are seated in your tube.

Can I purchase a tubing pass for the season?
We do offer season passes. Adult passes are $120.00 ( 7 years and up)
                                          Youth passes are $60.00 ( 4 - 6 years old)

Do I need to wear special clothing?
Dress according to the weather, as if you were going sledding.  We suggest dressing in layers. Waterproof clothing is recommended.